View Deleted AD Objects

Version 1.0.0

Free Download

Use this simple application to quickly view deleted Active Directory objects that have not yet passed the tombstone period
Just select the type of objects you want to find, click a button, and then you will see information about each of the objects that have been deleted that match your type selection. Designed to work with Server 2003/2008 domains - does not rely on the AD Recycle Bin feature in Server 2008 R2.

Quick and easy way to see which objects have been deleted and when they were deleted
For each deleted object you can view the name, type, last known location, SID, GUID, creation date, and the date the object was deleted
Graphical interface means no command line knowledge or in depth Active Directory knowledge required
Optionally only find specific types of deleted object (User, Computer, Group etc)


Finding All Deleted Objects
Finding Only Deleted Groups

As always, I'm interested to hear if this program is useful to you or if you have any problems with it, so feel free to send me an email letting me know what you think.