Service Credentials Manager

Version 2.3.0

SCMEasily track down all of the Windows services and scheduled tasks using a specific account
When it comes to changing an admin or service account password there is almost always at least one service or scheduled task that is only discovered when the service stops working after the password change, so this tool was developed to help make sure you have discovered every single one and it can also update the password on each of them remotely for you.

Free Edition (Version 2.0.1) Standard Edition (Version 2.3.0)
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Free Edition
The free edition is provided in the hope that it is useful to fellow IT Pros, it is not intended to just be a trial/demo of the standard edition (though you could use it as such if you are considering purchasing the standard edition). Whilst some features are only available in the standard edition, the free edition can still save you hours of work tracking down all the services and tasks using a specified account. See below for a summary of the features that can be found in the free edition (and the additional features in the standard edition)

Time Saving - Scan any number of servers to automatically find all Windows services and scheduled tasks and see who they are running as
Import Computers - Import a list of computers to scan from an Active Directory OU, CSV file, or manually type them in
Task Scheduler 2.0 Compatible - Works with Server 2008 format scheduled tasks as well as XP/2003 format
Intelligent - Automatically looks up alternate formats for the username you specify (i.e. searching for DOMAIN\User will also find user@domain.local)
Fast - Uses native Windows APIs (does not rely on WMI) and multi-threading to query multiple remote servers quickly
Managed Service Account Aware - Works with Managed Service Accounts, allowing you to find and update services running under MSA credentials

Standard Edition
Standard edition includes all of the features included in the free edition listed above, as well as the following features:
Automate Credential Changes - Remotely update any services/tasks you want to change credentials for
Find Specific Accounts Only - Option to find only services/tasks that are running as a specific account and to exclude built in system accounts
Export Results - Export the list of results to native Excel file, CSV file or HTML file
Correct Service Dependency Handling - After updating credentials, dependant services are restarted in the correct order to avoid failures
Automatically Grants Required Rights - Automatically grants the new account the Log On As A Service right on the computer the service resides on
Alternate Credentials - Optionally specify alternate credentials to be used for individual computers in the report

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Main Window
Main Window
Importing computers to be scanned
Domain Settings
Querying servers to get services and scheduled tasks
Domain Settings
Changing credentials that services/tasks are running as
Domain Settings