AD Info - Future Version Information

This page contains a list of some of the features that you can look forward to in future versions of AD Info - where possible we will mention which version each feature will be making an appearance in, and will be updating the list if any features look like they may slip back to another release.


Advanced Query Parameter Combinations
In the current version of AD Info, all parameters you add to a custom query must be matched for an object to be found by that query (that is, each parameter is combined with an AND operator). Now you will be able to use an OR operator and nest multiple parameter combinations to build advanced queries. For example you could buld a query that finds all users that are members of the Finance group but are not members of the Directors group OR the Operations group (of course this applies to all attributes, not just group membership)

Find Objects From CSV File
Rather than using a query to locate the users/computers/contacts etc in AD that you want to get information from, you will now also have the option to load a CSV file that contains the names of all of the objects you would like to find. Just select the file that contains the list of usernames or computer names etc and then select the attributes that you would like to see for each object

Password Expiration Date Attribute Aware Of 2008 Fine Grained Password Policies
The "Password Expiration Date" attribute will now give the correct value in a 2008 domain where fine grained password policies have been used

Built in queries for finding Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 computers
Whilst it is already possible to create your own queries to find computers running a specific OS, we will be including built in queries for the latest versions of Windows