AD Permissions Reporter

Version 1.1.0

Easily report on delegated permissions in your Active Directory domain structure 
AD Permissions Reporter is a modern, intuitive program that makes it easy to report on security permissons on your Active Directory objects. It can be used to document all permissions in the domain, or you can use the powerful filtering capabilities to track down specific types of permissions that do not conform to your organisation's standards, or simply to see which AD objects a particular user has been granted access to.

Free Edition (Version 1.1.0) Standard Edition (Version 1.1.0)
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Free Edition
The free edition is provided in the hope that it is useful to fellow IT Pros, it is not intended to just be a trial/demo of the standard edition (though you could use it as such if you are considering purchasing the standard edition). Whilst some features are only available in the standard edition, the free edition is still usefule. See below for a summary of the features that can be found in the free edition (and the standard edition)

Powerful - With options such as being able to view group members (and nested group and primary group members) directly within the report
Fast - Intelligent caching helps make this one of the fastest permissions reporting tools available
Accurate - Unlike some other tools, you will always get accurate representations of permissions with AD Permissions Reporter
User Friendly - Designed to be easy to use and modern, you can be running your first report within seconds of launching the application for the first time
Exportable - Easily export report results to file (CSV file or HTML file in free edition, additional formats in standard edition)
Multi-Domain Friendly - Correctly reports display names and other account details for accounts in external trusted domains

Standard Edition
Standard edition includes all of the features found in the free edition (listed above), as well as the following features:
Export query results to Excel XLSX file, CSV, HTML, or the ADPR file format that allows reports to be loaded back in to the tool at a later date
Powerful filtering system that helps you find specific permissions configurations (for example only permissions for a specific user or group)
Full command line support makes it easy to schedule/script reports and have them automatically emailed to you or exported to file

NOTE: If you are looking for a tool to report on file system permissions rather than Active Directory object permissions, take a look at one of the other Cjwdev tools: NTFS Permissions Reporter

Screenshots (Standard edition) - Click to enlarge

Main Window Table View
Main Window Table View
Basic Filter Advanced Filter
Filter Advanced Filter
Exporting Results Command Line Configuration
Export Command line