Happy Customers

We get a lot of nice emails from people using our software telling us how much they like the tools, so we thought it was about time we put up a few testimonials and examples of companies that are using my applications. Here is a very small selection of these nice emails that we've received and some of the organisations that have purchased the applications.

These are all natural emails we have received, we did not contact anyone asking for testimonials (and as such have not included company names with the comments just in case there's any legal problems with that). If you'd like to ensure you are getting completely unbiased reviews though, please feel free to check out reviews and comments on various IT forums and blogs (such as the reviews section of the Spiceworks community here and here) or contact us to ask for a customer reference.



" Keep up the good work, your software is a true oasis in a desert of underperforming software. "
J. Dobson

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with NTFS Permissions Reporter. After doing some research, I tried out at least 10 different pieces of software for the job and found yours to easily be the best "
D. Downs

"I love the AD Info tool. I downloaded the free version, then went and purchased a Consultant's License about 30 minutes later. The product has the perfect combination of power and ease of use"
G. Hogge

"I work with a bunch of Microsoft consultants and always recommend it to them for quick AD reporting"
R. Razi

"Just a quick mail to say thank you for taking the time and effort to write these tools. They have saved me many hours of work"
K. Buck

"You deserve a Noble Admin Award (if there were such a thing). Your tools are fantastic and I find ADTidy to be a five star tool! "
G. Hall

" I just discovered your site today, but I have to say that the tools you have developed are incredible. Not only are they easy to use, they are powerful. Thank you so much for you dedication and programming talents. These tools will no doubt prove to be invaluable! "
J. Rodgers

"This is exactly what I was looking for. It took less time to get the report I needed than removing other inferior software products from my machine. "
A. Lawrenz

"Great tool and a huge time saver!"
V. Thiedek

"It is excellent software by the way. It's probably one of the best tools I've used and without doubt the best AD reporting tool I've come across. "
S. Duncan

"Thank you for your help. We love your software, and were stunned when we lost it. Best tools we ever bought! "
D. Olsen

"I’ve tested software from several larger companies and found nothing as flexible or thorough as your tools. It’s like you “get it”. "
A. Hundley

"Just purchased AD Info – and it’s kickass!"
S. Barnes

"Amazing job on all of your tools. They are very nicely coded and help tremendously. "
P. Batio

"Thanks again for your fast support, and for creating such a fully featured yet simple to use product! Our aged account requirements are rather complex and your application allows us to configure those requirements exactly "
B. Ferguson

"Just wanted to thank you for your software. I have been searching for days to find something that I could use to get groups, members and NTFS permissions to present to my Boss in a report, and I finally found your site, and it is super user friendly which I appreciate. "
M. Nelson

"Thanks again! And please keep making your awesome software! There are not many real alternatives. "
J. Strom

"Just purchased AD Info – best new program I’ve tried in years. Awesome job! "
J. Bresnahan

"We just recently licensed the IT Pro Bundle Site License and the tools are excellent "
F. Nielson

"I just wanted to follow up with you and thank you for your software. I was able to save hours using AD Tidy free. I'm thoroughly impressed by what your software is capable of. "
J. Moss

"Thank you very much for the very prompt action. We are enjoying your tools to the fullest. Please keep up the great work "
J. Young

"Thanks for the product, very clean and efficient for our use. We will be using this for auditing our systems. "
P. Self

"We are very impressed with AD Tidy and AD Info and look forward to using the other products as well. Thank you for your hard work in developing these! "
J. Greeley

"NTFS Permissions Reporter has been a huge time saver for us printing reports on who has permissions to what. We’ve only done a few reports so far but have already saved hours of work for our Helpdesk staff. Thank you for the fast and friendly support as well. Great product!"
J. Avery

"I just made the purchase for the photo bulk editor and like to thank you for making great tools that help ease the IT staff daily routine. Please keep up the great work. "
D. Wong

"You are awesome, this has made my day. Your tools are great. "
D. Sitton

"I’ve looked a long time for a utility such as AD Info, found lots of way over priced software packages and lots of instructions on getting AD info using the Microsoft scripting languages, none of which I could follow even if I had the time to try. So I will be buying your standard version"
P. Verboom

"Your AD Info tool is absolutely brilliant. I downloaded the free tool yesterday and was blown away "
J. Harriman

"I just want to send you a thank you email for the brilliant AD Info tool. As I used to do a lot of scripting for all kinds of AD queries...taking up a lot of my time. With AD Info it takes me just minutes to do the same queries and to generate really good and easy readable reports. "
T. Bergset

"Excellent tool. I have been looking the last few days for an AD reporting tool, and this one is great, up there with the best. Just wanted to say thank you for the hard work you put in to this! "
K. Manke

"Awesome! Thanks again for the quick response and great customer service… I’ll be sure to keep my eye on your site for any other useful tools that you create that our company could benefit from "
K. Mogensen