What is Cjwdev?
After working as an IT systems admin for 7 years, supporting Windows networks and Active Directory environments, I started developing software aimed at making the jobs of fellow IT Professionals easier. These tools got quite popular amongst other IT admins, so I started this company to develop the exusting tools further and create new applications as well. A lot of the software we release is completely free (for personal or commercial use) and is not restricted in any way. We do also now have some applications that we charge for, but there are always free editions of each of these paid tools and the free editions are designed to be useful on their own (they are not just heavily limited trials of the paid versions).
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We are always looking for new applications to make, so if you have any suggestions for an application that you think would be useful to IT Professionals around the world then feel free to send us an email (see Contact page) and we will get back to you.